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Coyanosa, Texas




Where is it? I've been searching for hours.

The studio is very small, with no place to hide. That is why he got angry. I don't know if you know or not, but here in America you're expected to tip the waiter. I enjoy spending time with him. Ricky hates me, you know. That car doesn't boost my self-confidence.

If you don't have one, I'll give you one.

We're finally alone. Is this true? Many migrants travel from Greece, through the Balkans, to Western Europe. Tell Christofer you want him to go. My mom wants me to study in Switzerland. The doctor told me that I should eat less. You don't need to know all the reasons.

I have three sons. One is in New York, but the others are in London.

How far have you got on that job? Sho is obviously a jerk. I think I've understood. Are there dogs that eat raw fish? The assembly is really easy because most of the parts just snap into place.

No ghost was ever seen by two pair of eyes. Many crimes can be carried out on the Internet.

All human beings are mortal. What is the password to your computer? One should stretch before and after exercising. He is regarded as a great statesman. He will pay 20 dollars at most. Pam doesn't seem to be drowning. I'm going through changes. This is a story about love and friendship. Esperantists often travel to foreign countries.

Don't talk to the press. Lojban is designed to be unambiguous in orthography, phonology, morphology, and grammar. Lojban semantics, however, must support the same breadth of human thought as natural languages. I think something terrible has happened to Rodent. I'll get used to this sooner or later.

Each man stood up in turn and introduced himself.

Shut the door quietly. It was a perfect fit. Francois has no intention of staying in Boston for the rest of his life. You can't just walk around and start slandering people. You chop wood every day, don't you?

He exists on 3,000 yen a day. What have you done with Molly? I've been trying to call you for the past 2 hours. Earthquakes can occur at any hour. The salad is very salty. Just keep talking. Charlene will say yes. I am actually Welsh but I am living in Bristol. What'll I tell her?

You never used to treat me like this. When he started the book, Hawking was unable to write by hand at all. There is food on the desk. Give me a light, would you? Brenda is very secretive. To swim in the ocean is my greatest pleasure. They won't listen. He studies ten hours a day on average. I'm looking forward to your letter! Do you recognize this key?

Even your silence can be a part of prayer. Sometimes, things are more beautiful when you look at them from a different angle. I'd be unhappy if that happened again.

The accompaniments of the war are misery and sorrow. She can understand everything I am saying. I think Jiri is still breathing. How am I going to survive without you? That's pretty bad. I am so hungry that I could eat a cow.

You should go to the dentist and have that tooth pulled out. If you make a promise, you should keep it. Would you give me your phone number? I can't protect Louis. Sodium reacts vigorously and exothermically with water.